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Al utilizar la herramienta "Comparar en paralelo con", disminuye la dificultad de encontrar datos similares o categorías parecidas, mientras que aumenta la precisión necesaria para hacer comparaciones visuales al leer datos factuales. Run a comparison from Outlook; review Word, PDF, Excel and PowerPoint files right from your inbox. Compare Excel sheets!Comparar dos hojas de Excel es útil para analizar las diferencias y similitudes de los datos. Right-click an email attachment and select "Compare with Workshare" to run a comparison and see every change. . This amazing little folder and file differencing tool has earned its spot in my core toolset a dozen times over. Here's a screenshot of it in action:Beyond Compare是目前最好用的文件对比工具。我们在工作中,可能需要比较两个excel表格,来查看是否校正数据,这时就可以用Beyond Compare来完成。可以的. In praise of Beyond Compare. Online excel tools for reconcililation, reporting and testing. Among your options: you can check them manually, you can use a formula or, if the two columns are in different worksheets, you can view them side by side. There are several different ways to compare data between two columns in Microsoft Excel. It's a shame that Beyond Compare isn't listed in more "favorite tool" lists. When the application opens, it asks you what kind of session to start, or to re-open an existing one. 运行Beyond Compare在左侧选择“数据比较”,然后左右打开相应的Excel文件,即可进行对比。 注:Beyond Compare实际是把Excel转化成CSV来进行比较,且只转换第一张表。使用Beyond Compare 文本比对一些java或者jsp文件的时候,明明在项目里面是对的,可是用Beyond Compare 打开之后就会出现乱码,怎么解决Beyond Compare禁止编辑问题详解,随着BeyodComare4中文版的发行和推广,越来越多的人士开始接触和使用该款软件,BeyodComare是一款实用的文本比较工具,可是作为一名新手来说,在使用软件的过程中会出现这样那样的困惑,如果在使用BeyodComare软件比较文本时,出现 Compare directly from Outlook. For a full review of Beyond Compare, check out the TechRepublic Product Spotlight Blog. In this article, I’ll show you a few ways to compare data in Excel. Beyond Compare uses the idea of "Session" which allows you to easily return to a combination of documents and settings

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